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Casimir Nozkowski is an award-winning filmmaker whose work has been seen on TV, online, and in festivals around the world. He’s been interviewed on The Tonight Show, MSNBC (twice!), KROQ LA, and NPR and he's been featured in the New York Times (twice!), The LA Times, London Times, Entertainment Weekly,, and on the Brian Lehrer Show. He co-founded and directs the “Internets Celebrities” – an injustice-exposing documentary group and sits on the board of directors for Rooftop Films. He wrote and produced the first ever trailer for “Mad Men” and the very last trailer for “Breaking Bad” and launched lots of their campaigns in-between. Recent movies include his short documentaries “Andrew Sarris – Critic in Focus” (selected for use at the 2013 Oscars),“Caffe Capri” (2013 Brooklyn Film Festival premiere) and “Childhood Sale” which won the Best Comics-Oriented Film Award at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con.